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We offer a wide variety of services for boaters, everything you will need to keep boating pleasureful and safe on the water.
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Some of the services for all major manufactures. List Here

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Detailed Invoicing Accounts for all parts and time. From the smallest wire tie straps to each billable minute you will know exactly what you are paying for.

West Palm Beach ElectronicsTroubleshooting Issues
Autopilots, Sonars, Search Light Sonars, Radars, Satellite Television (TVRO), Satellite Internet and phone (VSAT), Multifunction Displays (MFD), GPS, Satellite Weather, Antennas, Transducers, Wind Systems, and much more…

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ACME brings the highest quality and professional standard to all new installs and retrofits.

We sell all products from every major manufacturer that you may desire for your vessel. No vessel is too small or large for our experience level. We take every care to make sure that our work is clean and that we respect your vessel with all the due care we would demand if we were in your shoes.

American Custom Marine Electronics
Sales and Installs

Some examples of our standards are:


  • Always label wires
  • Strain relief on wires
  • Proper tie mounts for wires
  • Proper wire gauge
  • Correct amount of wire ties, color matching, spaced evenly, cut flush
  • Ease of future maintenance


About the CEO, Chad Grady Growing up on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Chad would…

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